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18 January 2007 @ 09:03 am
UPDATED COMMUNITY INFO - Please post all questions here  



updated January 22nd, 2007


[01] All ff_sorting applications must be placed under an LJ-cut. Failure to do so may result in a disqualification of your application, so make sure you don’t forget. If you don’t know how to LJ-cut, please see the LJ HELP PAGES for more information.

[02] All applicants may apply twice. If you are "cursed" with the Avada Kedavra spell during your Sorting, you will be given ONE (and only one) chance to reapply, and you MUST have a member of the community check over your application before resubmitting it. If you are "cursed" with the Avada Kedavra spell once again, please try a different community.

Common reasons for casting the Avada Kedavra curse include lack of elaboration, n3tsp33k, camp bashing, pushing for a certain camp, and disregard of the Sorting Password. Voting by the majority of DF members will normally not be contested, however the High Inquisitor reserves the right to intervene under justifiable reasoning.

[03] As a guide, all questions to the Sorting applications must be answered in full sentences of at least six lines. If you don’t provide us with enough information to sort you, it is a definite no can do job.

[04] Applications are stamped one week after postage of the batch unless reason is given otherwise.

[05]To make sure you have read the instructions, please put the sorting password below as the subject line to your application.
Current password: Witherwings. (Password updated on 22 Jan. 2007)


[06] Member referrals to applicants will provide the camp of said member with 50 points. Referral points are tallied after each Sorting batch. Promote! It is the easiest way to garner many points for your side.

[07] Applicants may only reply to members’ voting on their application if they are asked a question by a member of the community, or to make comments unrelated to the member's vote. Vote and community bashing will AUTOMATICALLY get any applicant cursed with Avada Kedavra. If you have a question concerning your application, please lodge it at the Ministry of Magic in ff_battle. If you feel you are sorted into the wrong camp, you may apply for an Appeal of re-Sorting in the Ministry of Magic as well.

[08] Troll votes or camp bashing during the sorting procedure need not apply. A warning will be given once, not twice. If any severe rule-breaking is at stake, you will be informed of your trespass by one of the High Inquisitors. Repeated violation of this rule may result in expulsion if a majority vote is cast in ff_headquarters. As ever, please be courteous and don’t give others reason to abuse the caps lock button on you.

[09] After you are sorted, you are invited to join your camp headquarters and introduce yourself. They are phoenixplace for OotP-members, and morsmanor for DE-members. Additionally, you MUST join dimicatio_fuga and ff_battle. Membership to ff_pride, ff_utopia, ff_prophet, and ff_duel is optional. Membership to ff_headquarters is exclusively granted to DF heads.

[10] Members who have been altogether inactive in the Sorting process for two weeks will be kindly reminded. Members who are altogether inactive in the Sorting process for more than a month will be expelled from the community sans excuse. If you are unable to attend for a longer period of time, please post a Hiatus Notice in ff_battle in advance.

[11] If you have questions about the application, the procedure or the rules pertaining to ff_sorting, please post your queries in response to THIS ENTRY. If you are not (yet) a member of DF, please contact one of the Leaders.

Please note all sorting regulations are under provision of DF and subject to change.


Please fill out the required information in this box, double check your answers, and paste the information into a post in ff_sorting. Be sure to have read the rules prior to posting the filled out application.


[x] Rules for sorting applicants can be found HERE.