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02 February 2007 @ 03:43 pm
About Dimicatio aut Fuga  



…To be sublimely great - or to be nothing.

“Dimicatio Aut Fuga” (“Fight or Flight”) is a Second War-style Harry Potter sorting community unique in its premise, and largely drawing its concept from the sixth and last installment of the series.

As Harry exchanges the familiar setting of Hogwarts for the open battlefield, so do we. Away with the common rooms and institutional chores – DF has its pillars in the two sides to the fully blown war. Members drawn from the four Houses are sorted into Order of the Phoenix and Death Eater camps, and the sorting game is geared up by both sides’ goal to take control of the Second War – to recover the six Horcruxes by winning six terms in a row. ~

#1. The Preliminary Age Line.
A kind but firm reminder to all applicants: please pay notice to the fact this is a mature community before you apply. Not all in the contents of our community may be peaches and cream, and we stress we are not responsible for anything you may get to view within. We expect our applicants to be emotionally mature, regard them as such and expect you to behave as such. Should you wish to not give out your age in our sorting application for whatever reason, this is your own responsibility. Thank you for your consideration.

#2. Affiliates.
If you want your Sorting – or HP-related community to become affiliated with DF, please contact one of the Leaders. We will reply to you when we can.

#3. Queries.
Questions about DF may be posted by commenting below. Alternately, you may contact a Leader via email.

#4. Horcruxes.
To start on equal footing for the OotP and DE camps, we assume the War is about recovering the six Horcruxes. Starting at zero, each battle (term) won by either side will recover a Horcrux.

#5. Battles.
Each term in DF counts as one Battle, which is the equivalent to the awarding of the House Cup in traditional Sorting communities. As the term progresses toward a Battle, the Leaders of both war camps will increase the amount of contests to give each side ample preparation to win the term.

#6. When a Battle is won.
When a Battle term is won, the winning side may collectively appeal for one demand to change the tide of the war and impede the opposing team.

Examples: getting to control a given subcommunity, destroying a subcommunity controlled by the opposing team, altering the Sorting application, or granting themselves a doubling of points.

#6a. The demand of the winning team will be in effect for one next term at maximum, depending on the severity of the demand.
This regulation is instated so competition remains fair – as soon as one side is thrown out of the competition, there is no longer fun in playing.

#6b. The demand of the winning team should be decided upon collectively in phoenixplace or morsmanor at least a week before the beginning of the next term.
The DF heads may either choose to accept or decline the appeal. When declined, a suitable alternative will be decided upon.

#6d. With the beginning of each new term, the points garnered by both sides during the term previous will be reset to zero in the dimicatio_fuga hourglasses.

[x]If you have any questions please direct them to the Ministry of Magic in ff_battle, thank you.[x]

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